We are often asked to fit swell shutter actuators, slider solenoids, key and pedal contacts, drawstop units and pistons, and where appropriate these we will do at our workshop and pre-wire them ready for installation.

Using the latest systems is is possible to install the driver cards for the particular systems as close to the chests or slider solenoids as possible, thereby keeping the cable runs to a minimum. This can often make the system faster, the cabling easier and so cheaper and make the job neater.

In some instances it is possible to install the driver cards pre-wired on or inside the chest at the workshop, so on-site wiring can be done in a fraction of the time with just a network cable and a power supply.

We often fit a separate power supply for each division of the organ near the driver cards, so the only cables going to each section are a mains cable, a network cable, and a negative ‘ground’ cable.


We fit systems using the best of traditional and modern methods and materials. All the cables we use are PVC covered.

For longer runs we use telecoms multicore to CW1308 standard, and we make the end terminations on site. For shorter runs and in special circumstances we use traditional hand tied cable runs.

We follow the EU Low Voltage Recommendations including the calculations for cable current carrying capacity, the use of fuses where required, and other best practices in the Recommendations.

We keep the cable runs as logical and as neat as possible - where possible we would prefer to remove all old cabling and use entirely new, but we can join onto older cabling where necessary.

We have our own preferred style of fitting and tying cables and installing systems, for example we would usually use cable ties to fit our cabling, but we can readily adapt to the house-style of whichever company we are working with.

Most modern systems are fitted with Krone-style insulation-displacement connectors.

Older systems usually use solder pins.

Although we prefer the Krone system, we are happy to work with either of these methods.

CW1308 cable (see picture left) is the standard telecoms cable used in many countries of the world.

We have used different suppliers of transmission systems, drawstop units, pistons, slider solenoids and many other parts. As a result we have a wealth of experience with many different suppliers.

We can look at your requirements and match the particular hardware for you - and if we don’t know, we can find out!

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