Cameras and monitors are often fitted in situations where the organist doesn’t have a direct line-of-sight, especially for an organ in a gallery, where the organist needs to see a conductor, the celebrant or a doorway.

This is something we can supply, including zoom cameras, and cameras for low-light situations as is often needed in churches.

The cameras can be hidden from sight within the church, and with modern thin LCD monitors, the screen can be placed in the optimal position for the organist.

The cameras can be controlled within the display panels on the organ, and some camera systems can be controlled totally within the organ system and camera changes even set on the pistons if necessary!

Camera Systems

A wireless camera system allows the camera to be distant from the organ console with no wired connection.

In churches which are comprised of thick masonry, pillars, arches and lead roofs it is often better to use a wired system - more expensive, but often much more reliable with less interference